Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A thought a occurred to me as I sat on the carpeted floor of my room. Perhaps it had something to do with my perspective having shifted closer to the ground or my overactive morning brain, but a floor covered in un-washable fibers suddenly seemed gross. Really gross. Sure, I could vacuum. I could take extra precaution to avoid wearing shoes inside. I could spray Febreeze. But all of these options do not alter the spills or the toddler residue.

Then again, I've grown up with the stuff. Carpeting makes a more comfortable bedroom than does hard flooring. Really, it's a similar to that favorite pair of jeans you may not wash with appropriate regularity. Comfort trumps style in a bedroom, right? My feet are happy. And who doesn't want happy feet?


  1. Isnt that disgusting when we think about things? Also that there are a million different things in our beds. When we look at the smallest of things that are in our realm of thinking-- we have begun the thought process of a OCD type personality.

  2. I would just like to say that I was a carpet hater until this year. My house has no carpet anywhere-it is either tiled or hardwood floor. And it sucks! I LOVE hardwood, or did, but now I can't stand it because you can't lay on it, sit on it, enjoy it at all. Our dogs (two tiny ones) lay all over our furniture because the floor is uncomfortable. Case in point--we are buying carpet this week for the entire first floor. And we will stick our faces on the samples to find the best fit. :) haha

  3. I only just recently began perceiving he grossness in things that occur around me that I never thought of before. I blame it all on Emilie Barnes and her book The 15 Minute Organizer. Since reading that book and putting it to practice around my house, I think of all the things that I previously allowed in my more laid back lifestyle. The trash can gets touched every five minutes when I am in the kitchen, the spices will be handled frequently while I do prep work, my cat sleeps in the bed with me and uses the litter box many times a day, my face will touch the same place on our sofa as our rear ends (horrors!), and I am aware that the object my fingers frequent the most are the keys of my keyboard. How often do we clean that?
    And how many times have we flushed the toilet BEFORE washing our hands? That makes the toilet handle the most unclean object in our house.
    Yes, I have been called OCD many many times.
    Oh, on the note about the jeans, I totally wear mine way longer than should be allowed and yes I have given it thought too.
    The carpet we stand, sit and sometimes lay on has been here for over 20 years we are sure of! Possibly pushing 40 or even 50 years! EW. I have taken a carpet cleaner to it on a few occasions and I DO take off my shoes nearly instantly upon entering the apartment.