Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running At Night

Every so often I have trouble getting to sleep. Running solves that issue. Aside from raising endorphins (which, according to Elle Woods, make you happy), it clears the mind. De-clutters it. Usually a morning runner, I've enjoyed the novelty of running late the past couple nights. Tonight, I noticed the differences. I have more energy as I'm full of a day's worth of food and start my pace fully awake. Apparently, more people run around nine p.m. as opposed to 5:15 a.m. and more cars zip in and out of garages. Where everyone seems to be going or coming from late-ish on a Tuesday I haven't a clue. My favorite aspect of nighttime running, however, is the toads. They venture out to the sidewalks for the evening cool or a bath in front yard sprinklers. Tonight I counted six. The night before I found ten. They appear in all shapes, sizes, and energy levels. None sit anywhere near the others, so passing each one feels something like a checkpoint. I imagine them holding little checkered flags, encouraging me to keep run faster. Try as I might, I can't imagine a smile on their dour faces. They are serious little buggers. Perhaps it has something to do with the impenetrable blanket of moisture in the summer air.

You know what I did with my excess energy in tonight's run? I turned up the hip-hop section of my iPod and threw in some dance moves as I neared the house. I looked ridiculous. People saw me, too. I didn't care in the least; I had fun.

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