Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take that, Summer!

It rained yesterday. Blissful, beautiful, and then heavy all-of-the-sudden. The ground cooled as the heat of days prior rose about me in wispy, misty spirals. By the time it stopped falling, the rain leveled the outdoor temperature by ten degrees (Fahrenheit). My niche of the universe felt balanced again. Summer in Georgia feels infinitely better after the rain.

Do you ever consider how fantastic it is water drops from the sky to re-hydrate the ground and all life contingent upon its resources? It sparkles, too, in the right light. Perhaps it will rain again this week. If so, you'll find me rocking on the porch with a mug of Irish breakfast and the scones appropriate for my mood at the time. This could be anything from blueberries to oatmeal. One never knows. I wax nostalgic--and a tinge wordy--with storms.

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