Monday, July 26, 2010

Scuttle Away, Little Black Clouds

The summer storm outside set me thinking. Well, a combination of the summer storm and my Mediterranean coffee break with Carey Grant and Irene Dunn. Do you have your own recipes for stormy days? This, of course, could mean accouterments for the pensive tone of a literal storm or just a bad day. Do you have staple foods or activities to get through? I do! And I'm happy to share them with you (Surprise!)

No matter the weather, I find release in something hot to drink. By something I mean tea or coffee, if you haven't already caught on. Rainy days (or bad ones) usually mean vast quantities of one beverage or the other. Thankfully, if I drink too much of either, a good long run late at night solves the caffeine buzz. By the way, aren't our bodies amazing things? It's systems are so intricate and allows us to savor all these aspects of life. I think that's why I enjoy taking care of mine in exercise and seemingly odd food.

With a hot drink, I pair comfy clothes, a witty book, stationary, recipe book, and my journal. Or sometimes a cleverly scripted film. Usually I keep all necessities in reach of my papsan chair by the window, set my grooveshark playlist, and curl up to lose myself in words. Hours pass quickly this way, pushing those little black clouds right along with them. No worries with my study blanket from college and a pen in my hand, sipping on something strong (in the flavor sense, of course). The world mellows to a hum and falls into soft lavender and golden tones. No rose coloring. I may be an optimist, but even I know life often dips into darker hues. It's the shades I choose to complement the palette at hand that yields a day worth displaying.

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